• Single Page Checkout vs MultiPage Checkout

    Calling all web hosts, When it comes to sales, we always want more. And If your hosting website is not currently using a one-page checkout process then you are losing sales. The typical cart abandonment rate is as high as 68.53%. I found this information from the most impressive comparison of one page and multipage […]

  • 6 Smart Strategies for Website Beginners

    Owning a website is like having big job that demands your time, focus and attention. you need to add up content, cater your audience, be available and keep your site alive by all means. For experienced ones, this doesn’t bother much. However, for beginners, this seems a challenging task. If you are the one facing […]

  • Why small businesses should use Email marketing – Top 5 Reasons

    Marketing is all about targeting  new customers while keeping the existing one, intact. There are numerous ways to secure the existing customers. For small businesses, however, email marketing is used as a tact for keeping the customers engaged and connected. This is an effective way to reach the customers via email campaigns. Email marketing is […]

  • How many Emails you should be sending to your customers?

    The question of how many emails you should be sending your customers seems quite simple. Yet it’s answer is not so easy. We have spent years in marketing through emails but still it is not an easy thing to answer. If you ask an opinion regarding market strategies, I would say that it is not […]

  • What is top level domain?

    In this era of web life and world-web, you might be familiar about top level domain. In particular, if you are enjoying web hosting and own a domain, then you might be having top level domain already. Still wondering what it is all about? Here is a piece of information for you with special reference […]

  • 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

    Content and social media marketing is undoubtedly a remarkable idea for reaching maximum audiences and creating customer foundation. Yet creating social media content without having basic knowledge is somehow challenging as well as risky. Getting to know the base is important for establishing a sound structure.  These laws are going to serve from enhancing the […]

  • Questions To Ask When Building Customer Centric Website

    Developing a website for a small business is very important as it is the tool to reflect your business, attract customers, offer credibility and develop customer-client relationship. Website’s outlook and aesthetic appeals are given more importance in this regard. Undoubtedly, website should be appealing and pleasant to customer’s eye. Yet it has to develop relevance […]

  • Why WordPress Is Good For Designing Or Redesigning Your Website

    Website is digital image of your business in the whole web-world. It reflects your business insights to your potential customers. If your website is not quickly loading, aesthetically appealing, simple quickly and has mobile version then you are about to lose your visitor soon. It is often a perception of small business owners that they […]

  • Reasons why small business should keep budget for social media

    The immense need for marketing of a business is as important as business itself is. There is no selling if there is no promotion and advertising and there is no doubt in it. The need for content development and SEO is at its place yet the marketing still holds great importance. We all know that […]

  • Reasons behind your slow working E-business

    Online business is most attractive one for any anyone. Knowing that fact that you are able to earn better a lot of people in the field by just making a few clicks is just marvelous. Online business is much in trend and practice these days. Yet we see a lot number of people giving up […]

  • Reasons For Choosing SSD Hosting

    When it comes about hosting your business website, you almost ignore to consider what type of hardware your hosting company is offering. If I am saying right then you are probably doing wrong. This wrong action can lead you to a serious business mistake. Hard drive is something you have to consider the most, regarding […]

  • WordPress Training Course

    Its been a custom here at creativeON that we keep in touch with the students of Pakistan through different types of campaigns. Sometime educational, sometime purely marketing based. As creativeON is into Web hosting , website designing & Web development business and we have the expertise of these fields. So we decided to train our […]