IPv4 Price Changes

IPv4 Price Changes

From launching creativeON Cloud in 2000 we are continuously expanding our platform and offering you an excellent price/performance ratio in cloud servers. Unfortunately, the prices of acquiring IPv4 addresses have increased dramatically, and we don’t have any option except to inform you.  

Starting on 1st August 2021, the price for newly created Floating IPs (IPv4) will be increased, as shown below. Prices also apply to rescaling, effective 1 September 2021.

IPv4 Prices – Dedicated Servers

IP Setup Price/Mo (PKR)
1 IP 5000 PKR – 30 USD 600 PKR – 4 USD
/29 Block – 8 Ips 39000 PKR – 237 USD 4800 PKR – 32 USD

IPv4 Prices – Cloud Servers/VPS

IP Setup Price/Mo (PKR)
1 IP FREE 800 PKR – 5 USD


Reasons behind price increase:

The available IPv4 addresses pool has been almost empty at RIPE – the European IP address or networks management agency. It is the main reason why RIPE stopped assigning IPv4 nets. Because of this situation, there is a fast-growing market in IPv4 address trading with many active brokers, such as on https://ipv4.global/reports/. Supply and demand control the IPv4 price at brokers, so the overall prices have risen steeply.

We have tried hard to avoid passing on these higher prices to our customers, and we were accepting the economic losses until now. Unfortunately, we would slightly increase our prices due to this dramatic rise in the IPv4 prices.

IPv4 IP address demand will remain very high. And we will need to continue to purchase nets. We assume that the prices for IPv4 addresses will continue to rise and that we will also need to increase our prices again in the future. IPv4 prices will remain high until after IPv6 has become more popular. 

At creativeON, we are confident that it is still a good price/performance ratio and hope for your better understanding. 

If you have any questions; please share with us; we will be happy to help you. However, you can also open a support ticket. We hope you continue to place your trust in us as we are constantly expanding our services, and you can look forward to several new features that are already on our roadmap.