Signs that your WordPress is Hacked and how to recover it?

Signs That Your WordPress Is Hacked And How To Recover It

More than 2,200 cyber attacks happen, and many people are affected by these attacks. Every site or account over the Internet is a potential target for hackers to break into, and WordPress is the most susceptible platform. It is quite possible that several attempts might have been made on your WordPress site as well. But […]

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What is Web Accessibility and how to Improve it on WordPress?

What Is Web Accessibility And How To Improve It On WordPress?

Web accessibility, as the phrase suggests, means making your website accessible to your users. Consider the problems and types of users that come across your site. It means being inclusive for the people who are differently abled or have some kind of impairment (visual or motor) and making adaptations to your site to make it […]

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A Guide to Create Landing Page in WordPress


According to Wikipedia, WordPress is an open-source and free content management system written in PHP and coupled with MariaDB or MySQL database with supported SSL Certification. It is used to build and host websites, providing you with plugins and templates to mold your website according to the needs of your business model. You can also […]

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WordPress 6.0: What’s new in this major release? [May 2022]

After only four months since the last major release, WordPress released a second major release with a lot of improvements and exciting new features. WordPress deployed around 400 updates, 500 bug fixes and 90+ new features in their 6.0 release. In this blog, you will discover a few of the new features of WordPress 6.0 […]

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