10 Tips on How to Choose Best Domain Name in 2022

10 Tips on How to Choose Best Domain Name in 2022

A domain name is the first introduction of your website, your business, your company and your services. In digital word domain name is your introduction. But choosing the best domain name is a tricky thing because you have to give an introduction to your business and services in a few words that give full meanings .you need to know some basic and some pro-level secret tricks for this. In this blog, we tell you how to choose best domain name is an easy way and process. So here are some easy tricks and tips for you to register a domain name.


  1. Introductory name
  2. Easy to write and spell
  3. Unique but simple
  4. Avoid symbols
  5. Target your audience and location
  6. Same domain and brand name
  7. Check availability
  8. Search it before applying
  9. Must be short and easy
  10. Avoid synonyms
  11. Use keywords
  12. Avoid copying other brands’ names and styles

Introductory Name:

Your domain name gives an idea to the audience about your services .for example, if you have a jewellery business you will choose a name like “best jewellery or trending jewellery or cheap jewellery” it will give the idea that what is your business and about your services that you are selling trending jewellery in best rates.

Easy To Write and Spell:

It is a must that the domain names have to be easy to write and spell. Because an easy word attracts people and gives them an idea in seconds about your services. If your domain name is hard to pronounce people will lose interest. And as much easy as your domain name is as many people search it and Google automatically rank it high on search.

Unique But Simple:

If it is necessary to have an easy domain name it is also compulsory that it must be unique .unique in terms that it does not conflict with other brand names and must not be copied .search it and find a unique name for your brand. If your domain name conflict or copy some brand the hosting sites will not give you hosting. So to avoid this hustle search it first and choose the best simple unique name.

Avoid Symbols:

While choosing a unique domain name avoid using Hyphens in order to make your domain name different .you must have simple alphabets as your domain name. do not use any Dash (-), brackets (), exclamation marks or any dots or commas in your domain name.

Target Your Audience and Location:

When you build a brand and start a business you must have knowledge about your audience and location .you must be aware of people’s interest and that location’s demand. you cannot sell jewellery in food-demanding areas. Until you have not any specific audience or location you cannot reach the best results. According to their interest and location’s demand, you will choose a domain name that hit and target your audience.

Same Domain and Brand Name:

You must have the same domain name and brand name .people come to you through your domain name they understand and show interest in your brand by analyzing you on your domain name. if you have different domain and brand names it will confuse people and they lose interest in your brand. so make it simple and same to avoid any difficulty.

Check Availability:

Before selecting a domain name you must have to check the availability of your selected domain name. you can check through any search engine and through some tools as well. So as you can easily chase a unique name for your business.

Search it Before Applying:

When you choose a domain name you must search it that your domain name either conflicts with some other brand name or there is any other same name on hosting .it is a very important step before you purchase hosting.

Must be Short and Easy:

Your domain name is your business introduction but in this introduction do not write lines or paragraphs. Just choose one or two words that give an overview of your business in the best way. Your domain must be short, confined and easy. that will remember by people and easy to search.

Avoid Synonyms:

The requirements of a domain name are easy, unique, and simple .to give your brand a unique domain name do not use synonyms. if you use synonyms it will conflict with another brand’s name and if this thing is not in your favour .it can create some legal trouble for you. It will down your link on search engine .so search for a unique names not synonyms of already existing brand names.

Use Keywords:

To avoid conflict with other brand names and to make your domain name the best search keyword that suits your business and services. You have to use keywords according to your business. Choose the best and most relevant keywords then use then you can use them as your brand domain name.

Avoid Copying Names of Other Brands:

Some people think if they follow or copy the trending name and famous brands they can grow their own brand but it is not correct and also not legal. To set up your brand and make it a successful business you have to choose the best name and make your own identity .this thing will give you success always try to avoid copying others.

Final Words:

The domain name of your business is your identity it will define your services and introduce you as a brand. To build your business and make your own identity avoid the bugs that mention above. Keep your brand name and domain name the same because people come to your website through your domain name and they get ideas about your services by your domain name so keep both the same and do not make people confused. Keep your domain name unique by using keywords and simple and concise. do not use any symbols and hyphens in uniqueness.

keep your URL address simple as well so the audience does not face any difficulty to find you by name. Make your own business plan and strategies and follow them do not copy others. After successful domain name registration, you have to buy a web hosting plan to get it started. creativeON provides ccTLD and international domain names along with a range of web hosting plans from multiple data centre locations.