• How to change your cPanel password

    How to change your cPanel password Changing password of your cpPanel is quite a easy task and could be done just 1 or 2 clicks. Always make it sure that you set a alphanumeric password with special characters. Don’t keep one password for a very long period and keep on changing after some time. Do […]

  • Adding email account in Outlook 2010

    Adding email account in Outlook 2010 Outlook 2010 or any version of Microsoft outlook is a desktop application used to work as email client. How to setup Email account in Outlook 2010 1. Open the software and click on File menu. 2. Click the “Add Account” button 3. Check the radio button at bottom saying […]

  • How to backup your website in cpanel

    How to backup your website in cpanel In this article i will explain how we can make the backup of your website in cPanel. This article would teach you that how we can take the full backup of your website which would include all the files of the website and emails and also it would […]

  • Adding Addon domain in cPanel

    In this tutorial i am going to explain how to setup an addon domain in cpanel. Different hosting packages comes with different numbers of addon domain options. CreativeON your own web hosting company also offer different addon domain options in different packages. In cPanel its very easy to setup addon domain and and could be […]

  • Adding Subdomain in cPanel

    What is subdomain. A subdivision of domain is also called subdomain or any domain which is part of a primary domain is called subdomain. Subdomain could be added into web hosting panels, In Cpanel one can also create or make subdomain. Subdomains work independetly and a new site could be hosted on it or a […]

  • How to create Email account in Cpanel

    Creating email in cpanel is a simple and easy task and could be done in few easy steps. Different hosting providers provide different quantity of email account which could be created so does the your own web hosting do. CreativeON provides different numbers of email account in different hosting packages. How to create Email […]

  • How to transfer files FTP client

    In order to upload files to your web hosting server one would need to upload via File Transfer Protocol and in order to do this one would need to establish FTP Conection. To upload or download files from web server we can use multiple ways like web browser, Mozila firefox, etc or also can use FTP […]

  • Creating FTP account in CPanel

    File Transfer Protocol accounts are used to transfer upload and manage files for your website. This tuotiral will guide you about creating ftp account in cPanel. Normally a FTP account is created automatically in cPanel when your hosting account is setup by your hosting provided. So by default you get a FTP account by hosting […]

  • Creating a Subdomain Using cPanel

    Cpanel provides you the privilege to create sub domain. Sub domains created in cPanel works separately from the main domain of yours. For example if you have a website like and you want to create a sub domain with this, then you sub domain would be something like this, Sub domains are used for different […]

  • How to create MySQL Database in Cpanel

    How to create MySQL Database in Cpanel In order to create a MySQL Database one would have to keep in mind multiple things. 1. creation of mysql datbase 2. creation of database user 3. Assigning database user prillages for database. Creation of database in Cpanel with MySQL Database Wizard Step1. You would need to login […]

  • Dos and Don’ts of Picking a Domain Name

    If you are reading this post, you know the importance of choosing the domain name. We are going to provide you some simple suggestions that may help you to choose a domain name that explains the purpose of your website, that has the ability to stick to people’s mind. There are simple dos and don’ts […]