• Website Viruses

    Beware of Website Viruses It is understood and many of the computer users are well aware of the fact that the computer may affect badly if the proper antivirus software is not installed. But hardly any know about the fact that the websites too can be affected by the viruses. The same manner you computer […]

  • Plesk Browser issue OR Port issue

    Following are the issues occurred for PLESK New clients. If you are opening the Plesk control panel interfaces maybe the following issues you will face. If you are using Mozilla fire Fox browser and try to open the Plesk Control Panel Login page you may get the following Message. This Connection is Untrusted You have […]

  • Malware Attack.

    If your site was reported infected, it’s vital to not only eliminate the malicious (and usually hidden) content from your pages but also recognize and repair the susceptibility. This is not actually the Virus; it is the Malware attack which is in the form of Text. Currently there is not any antivirus available which can […]

  • Wateen Drama

    ISP’s are back bone of the web hosting industry because they provide the High volume of bandwidth and IP’s bundle to all IT fields. In Pakistan there are many ISP’s are working like, PTCL, World Call, Wateen and etc.  All the ISP’s are supposed to give the best service to their clients. CreativeON is the […]

  • cPanel Down

    Today, I received a call from one of our reseller who was insisting that the control panel for his site is not opening up and that the server is down. I have checked myself and it was working absolutely fine. I confirmed him from several proxy websites and then he admitted that server is fine […]

  • Reseller Domains.

    Becoming a domain reseller holds great business potential. Whether you’re a web designer, developer, a  search marketing service or you’re looking to establish your own domain management service, you could benefit with the help of an established provider. Discount Domains, CreativeON are a trusted name in domain reseller support services. Our low wholesale prices, exceptional […]

  • Tips to avoid domain hijacking and hacking

    This is often seen that when someone registers a domain starts considering that the domain is safe and secure. Majority of the people do not realize the fact that domain hijacking is common and happens. This is increasing day by day and the noticeable thing is that the hackers do not have to access the […]

  • GoDaddy, world’s largest domain registrar, sold for $2.25 billion

    The world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy Group Inc. has reportedly been sold on the mammoth price $2.25 billion. The deal valued at $2.25 billion was reportedly taken place on Friday. The announcement of the deal by the company was done later on the same day. By the time, the announcement of the deal was made […]

  • .Pk Domain

    Giving your identity to which land you belong seems vital when you do a local business because it attracts more customers to your product you offer for selling. To do this, a website is needed and when you decide to launch the website for your business’ display, it is much necessary to have a domain […]

  • Tips to Choose a Better Control Panel – cPanel or Plesk

    cPanel or Plesk are the common terms in the field of web hosting. Among the web developers, these two terms are widely recognizable. Web developers know every type of web hosting control panels. Control panels happen to be important and vital web based platforms which seek to simplify the procedure of managing a server. There […]

  • cPanel’s usage and its features

    cPanel’s use is much vital and it is the panel that lets you manage the whole of your web site. You can manage each and everything through cPanel. This it is vital to learn how to use cPanel? It is the much easy interface that allows the users to make the control of the host […]

  • Email Issues

    Email Emails are back bone for any business website or company, we are living in the Era where you are receiving Emails from your beside or next table.  Being a technical support Manager I can say that there is numerous reason for Emails failure or bounce back.  Following are some techniques which you must applied […]