14-August 2021 Happy Independence Day Hosting Sale up to 74% OFF

14-August 2021 Happy Independence Day Hosting Sale up to 74% OFF

14-august 2021 is coming in the next couple of days, and it will bring a wave of patriotism and love for Pakistan. When august starts, you will see different stalls everywhere selling Pakistan flags, badges, caps and face paintings. Pakistan’s flag is hoisted on all government, public, private and residential buildings to show love for their country. However, most of the building is also decorated with white and green lights that create a decent view at night. In short, People celebrate Happy Independence Day on 14-August every year with Enthusiasm and visit national monuments and recreational spots.

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How and when did it begin? 

Before 1947, Pakistan didn’t exist, and people were struggling for a different place where they could practice ISLAM freely. So, a grand meeting was held by the great men in the cabinets, and it was realized that Muslims could not thrive until they had their particular place. The great men were the members of the Muslim League and other political parties representing the Muslims of India.

We can never forget those great men who were motivating the nation and standing in front of the nation by sacrificing their lives and possessions. At the top of the list, there are two central peoples Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the true man of action and Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who envisioned it first.  

On 14 August 1947, Pakistan gained Independence to form the British RAJ and became the first Islamic Republic of Pakistan with the efforts and struggles of Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and their supports. Two words make Pakistan: “Pak” means pure and “stan” means place, so you can say it is the pure land for Muslims to perform their prayers independently.  

On this memorable day, the parliament house and other official buildings were decorated with the national flag; the prime minister and president of Pakistan congratulated the nation on their Independence. From 1947, people remember this day and celebrate it by wearing green clothes, decorating buildings with lights and hoisting flags that we are a brave nation and continuing to thrive despite different challenges, including poverty and terrorism.

A quick review of what happened after Independence 

We gained Independence and celebrating happy Independence Day on 14-August of each year, but we were still unable to achieve our milestones. If we look back, the last 73 years have been dotted with both positive and negative events that brought the nation up and down. You will witness corruption, injustice, poverty, and many other issues that we are facing today.

As a nation, along with the celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day, we need to take a solid decision to play a role in the nation’s development. You will hear the phrase “Naya Pakistan” . It is not just a phrase, but it is the promise we need to take and put our efforts and sacrifices to take this nation to its heights.

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