Free SSL VS Paid SSL Certificate: A Comprehensive Guide

Free SSL VS Paid SSL Certificate: A Comprehensive Guide

Free SSL VS Paid SSL Certificate: A Comprehensive Guide

It is not much more accessible in this new era as it looks to get and set up an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. The reason behind the difficulty in getting an SSL certificate is website encryption on every site. In the study of free SSL vs Paid SSL certificate guide, you will learn about it in a comparative study.

Website encryption is no more held in reserve for corporate sites and E-commerce websites; however, security remains the main concern for search engines and users. People need to acknowledge whether their site is secure or not.

Now we’re going to discuss some significant features that an SSL offer you for your website:

  • Less Consumption: Obtaining and recommencing SSL certificates is usually an annoyance, but Free SSL keeps things simple.
  • Superior Security: Getting an SSL certificate permits you to use the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol throughout your site.
  • Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization): These days, SE (Search Engines) are intensely encouraging website owners to utilize the HTTPS protocol on their websites. In run-through, it can translate into improved SEO results.

It is the best feature where a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate comes in. By getting this certificate, you can protect the security and safety of your website visitors. They’ll feel secure, and you don’t need to spend even a dollar while doing it. It is a captivating proposal.

In this article, we will discuss SSL certificates and extinguish between the free version and paid version. Keep reading this article to learn about SSL certificate and how it is different from other SSL present in the industry.

What Actually does Free SSL Certificate Offers You?

As we already discussed, the primary purpose of Free SLL is to make simpler the process of getting and configuring an SSL certificate. If you have already done it through extra CAs in the past, the significant benefits of using a free SSL certificate are evident. Not only does it save you from getting in a lot of trouble, but it also means that you won’t have to pay any annual renewal fee.

A free SSL certificate might be a great option if you have never had to face SSL certificates in the past, but let’s take a look at how SSL copes with other kinds of authorities.

How Free SSL is Different from Paid SSL

No doubt, though there are vibrant benefits of using free SSL, this does not neglect the benefits of other options. In this segment, we will talk about three significant differences between free SSL and other paid SSL options.

Free SSL VS Paid SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate:

  • No Authentication
  • Incomplete Mobile Support
  • No 100% Guarantee
  • Less Compatibility

Paid SSL Certificate:

  • Gives 100% Guarantee
  • Maximum Compatibility
  • Domain Authentication
  • Complete Mobile Support


  • The Number of Options Accessible
    The significant difference between a Free SSL certificate and an advanced certificate is that it only offers DV certifications to its users. These are only good for more straightforward websites, but they are not the only type that is available and are not enough for definite operations. For instance, if you’re managing an E-commerce or any other corporate website, you will indeed have to get an Extended Validation (EV) certificate to get more accessible options. It comes out with advanced verification standards.
  •  Delivering and Renewal Processes
    The most common way of creating a free SSL certificate is a lot less complex than other DV choices. Also, many web hosts have offered the capacity to set things up for your benefit, which isn’t true for some different CAs. A free SSL requires the recharging of the authentication every 90 days, regardless of whether the interaction can be automated. Then again, different CAs commonly offer certifications significantly longer (as long as three years in a few cases).
  • Pricing
    It is complicated to contest with a price of 0 money, exclusively when other primary CAs apply with high prices for the related certificates. Nevertheless, it is essential that since free SSL certifications are definitively free, there is no permission for a protection breach that covers the client in case of a security break, which is something different CAs offer.

Simply, as much as you are pleased with simple DC certificates and don’t necessarily provide guarantees, that is why Free SSL is a trustworthy option.


Undoubtedly, getting a free SSL certificate may not be a perfect result for every kind of website. However, it is a prodigious substitute for many other of them. Additionally, creating an SSL certificate is very simple, which concludes that you have no reason for not doing so. Not only that, it permits you to retain your website visitors’ information secure. It possibly will also assist with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

The superlative thing is that getting a Free SSL won’t cost you even a cent with other advanced CAs who are charging up to 100s of dollars per year for different types of certificates. Selecting an equivalent free SSL alternative might be a smart choice and creativeON is one of the best web hosting and security solutions providers in Pakistan. We provide a wide range of SSL Certificates at the lowest costs.

Have you enjoyed reading this article? Have you previously set up SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) for your website? Comment below if you still have any questions about whether to get a Free SSL or a Paid one.