Five Mistakes WordPress User Should Avoid

Five Mistakes WordPress

I myself has been meandering around wordpess for couple of years. Its proved to be a great framework or tool to build the website of your need. Due to its great use their are great chances that beginners could make many mistakes. I am sharing this info just to help the beginners so they may avoid the mistakes which many bloggers do.

I would try my utmost to convey the five mistakes which could be avoided so my readers can have a beautiful site.

1. Choosing Theme

Online market is full with thousands of themes and its always hard to choose one of them according to to your need. So question is that how would you choose the right theme. Sometimes we choose a theme with less reviews or like a theme with very little reviews.
But even if you like the most don’t ever choose a theme which have less reviews. one more thing if you are interested in free themes its always recommended to use a theme approved by WordPress.

How ever best practice is that one should choose premium theme. In the beginning its seems difficult to invest for premium theme but in the long when your website start getting traffic the premium theme won’t give you any problems.

2. Admin Info

When normally we choose to install the WordPress from our hosting cpanel the installation procedure provide you with the options to choose username and password. In order to get rid of any risk of being hacked its strongly recommended to use strong user name and password and don’t use the default user name or password. Password like your dad’s name, your own name or your website name are not recommended. Users should always use password with alpha, numeric with special characters. you can also download or find some password generator to generate a powerful and the complex one.

3. Basic Info

When we start building site or blog we start thinking about articles or the matter of other services but often user forget to put their contact page or about page. So its very important not to forget these pages because without these pages your visitor won’t be able to track the info regarding your self or won’t be able to contact you. Its important to invest time on look and feel of the website but don’t forget to put these important pages.

4. Permalinks

When we start putting the data on WordPress site or when we create different pages in WordPress the defualt URL structures are created something like “′ instead of’.

The URL generated by default are not google friendly so its strongly suggested to change format of URL by going to WordPress dashboard >>> setting>>>permalinks.
After choosing the “Post name” option your URL would start appearing in the more readable, remember able and google friendly format.

5. SEO Ready Themes and Plugin

It is the desire of every blogger or person who make site for some purpose to get online traffic by search engines and if your post or pages data or text is not optimized you could miss your potential visitor or customer.

Fortunately, online market is full of plugin or themes which help in this aspect.
one should always choose a theme which is SEO ready and also find a plugin that could make the optimization process easy. All you have to do is to find and install a plugin and use it properly.

I hope that these few tips would help you a lot and by following these you could avoid the mistakes normally blogger or people make.