General Tech News

  • Youtube is launching site for Gaming

    Youtube is planning to launch a gaming site in near future for gaming and it would be an attempt to give tough time to Amazon streaming site Twitch. Twitch is a streaming site which allow the users do see the gamers playing games. Last years Google was beaten by the Amazon in a bit for […]

  • Leading anti-Virus Kaspersky Under Hackers attack

    Eugene Kaspersky revealed to media that its own system were compromised recently by some hackers. Kaspersky Lab was attacked by hackers and hacking attack was designed to spy on its newest upcoming technologies and products. It is also said that intrusion was detected at early stage. Eugene also said that “Spying on cybersecurity companies is […]

  • South Koreans had won Darpa robotics challenge

    A Korean team has won the Darpa Robotics Challenge. The Darpa Contest Challenge was between 23 finalist participating from around the world. This contest was a battle of robotics of different teams. The robots were meant to depict or simulate conditions similar to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster. The robots were given one […]

  • Millions of US government workers hit by data breach

    According to the state Department of USA Millions of US government workers data has been hit by the data hacking breach. Speculation are that Chinese hackers are responsible for this breach.

  • robotics competition

    Disaster Robots Competition

    The US Department of Defence’s Darpa research unit is going to host the event for Disaster Robots competition on Saturday. Google team was one of the favorite to win but they quit the contest. Schaft robot won the previous contest of 2013. Although it is a ” Humanitarian theme” event but media had concerns about […]