We have our company bank account in following four banks:

Standard Chartered Bank

  • Account Title: creativeON
  • Account No: 10-6664520-01

Meezan Bank Limited

  • Account Title : creativeON
  • Account No: 0100781724
  • Branch Code: 0206

Silk Bank Limited

  • Account Title: creativeON
  • Account No: 2002838427
  • Branch Code: 0025


  • Account Title: creativeON
  • Account No: 0201 459795
  • Branch code: 0357
  • For online banking use: 0357201459795

You can send money to us using any of these mobile payments options.

Easy Paisa Account Number

0322 5115119

UBL Omni Account Number

0322 5115119

Jazz Cash Account Number

0322 5115119


Note: Please send us following information once payment is made please email us your invoice no/ order name and domain name. We will also need the branch name where you have deposited the money and Your account number in case of ibanking transfer.


1 – Easy Paisa Option:

Easy Paisa can be described as a most convenient way to pay us. It is equally simplest, faster and secure payment option like bank transfer/deposit. You can easily find Easy Paisa Shops around you as it has become the most popular payment option among Pakistani people and they use it commonly for utility bill payments. Therefore, mostly people know the procedure of sending payment through this payment option but if in case it is a first time for you, the below-mentioned steps will help you to follow through this procedure:

  • Easy Paisa facility can be availed at any Easy Paisa Shop, Telenor Franchise or Telenor Center.
  • Locate and visit any of the above-mentioned facility along with your CNIC and a photo copy of CNIC.
  • A message will be sent automatically to you and us for the payment confirmation.

Note: Once payment is made please email us your invoice no/ order name, domain name and amount deposited. You are welcome to make confirmation call as soon as possible agent confirms that payment is sent.


2 – Direct Cash Deposit At Our Office Option:

If you are a resident of Lahore and have enough time to visit our premises. Nothing could be better than this option. You can visit our highly professional staff for quickest order booking and processing by paying at the spot through cash.


3 – PayPal and Credit Card Option:

You can pay using PayPal or credit card during order process or pay any pending invoices from customer portal. This option does not need our interaction like other payment options.

Below is our PayPal email address:

PayPal Email: pp@creativeon.com

CreativeON is among largest web hosting service providers in Pakistan. We personally believe in facilitating our valued customers in all respects beyond industry standards. Therefore, we have designed our payment processing options in such an easy manner that it suits every Pakistani. Keeping in mind the current growing interest of Pakistani people in online business opportunities, CreativeON has introduced Pakistani Currency (PKR) as a payment option along with USD, GBP and Euro.

We currently accept payments through Cash Deposit, Easy Paisa, Bank Account, PayPal and Credit Cards. Following details will help you going through the most suitable payment option according to your need:


4 – Bank Transfer / Deposit Option:

If you’ve an account in any bank in Pakistan, you can transfer money to one of our below-mentioned bank accounts using online banking account facility (E-Bank Account) or even Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Furthermore, if you don’t have an account in any bank in Pakistan, don’t worry. Just visit any nearest branch of one of three below-mentioned banks and deposit the required amount directly into our bank account to secure your online / telephonic order. This is simplest, faster and secure payment option which suits all our customers who live in major cities where online banking facility or ATM facility is available. Please note that there are no additional charges.

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