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.pk costs less than .com. Lot of good names are still available and it is ideal for a Pakistan based business.
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PKNIC Prepaid Card

Name Description Monthly Order Now
1x PKNIC Prepaid Card No Discount Rs.2500
2x PKNIC Prepaid Cards No Discount Rs.5000
3x PKNIC Prepaid Cards No Discount Rs.7500
4x PKNIC Prepaid Cards No Discount Rs.10000
Bundle - 05x PKNIC Cards (5% Discount) 5 Prepaid .pk registration cards at 5% discount. Rs.2375 per card Rs.11875
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creativeON is proud to offer .pk domain registration as an authorized company from PKNIC. You can register .pk domain for Rs. 2500/2yrs. We can assist you all the way in PKNIC domain registration; .pk domains are activated as soon as you register. Click here to register a .com domain

.pk domains can be registered under our management or If you are familiar with domain registration process you can do it yourself using PKNIC Prepaid cards. If you are registering multiple .PK domains, you can avail discounts on PKNIC registration cards. You can buy prepaid card from creativeON through bank despite, cash, money order, easy paisa and credit card or by Paypal.

creativeON can also assist  you in transferring your .pk domain to  your name at no cost.

If you have a business or any entity which requires to show .pk in the end of the URL in order to depict that you are Pakistan based, here we can assist you to have a .pk domain registration. Get your .pk domain registration at much economical cost with us with full support in all manners.

The .PK domain names can be registered as second-level or third level domains. Atleast 4 letters required for .pk domains, and 2 letters required for domains. Details of PKNIC registration policy are listed here.

2nd level .pk domain

Your domain name is at 2nd level after pk. These are the General Second Level Domains without suffix of,, etc

3rd level .pk domain is a third level domain. The following domains are available for as 3rd level .pk domains.
Individual or General Business. This is the most common .pk domain and almost every thing goes here
Intended to be used for network related business just like .net gtld
For Non-profit Organizations, just like .org
For family and individuals, we have not seen any live example of this extension so far.
For general business and promotions campaigns that are run temporarily
For website not related to any business
Educational Institutes, and this should be a working educational institute.

domains for government of pakistan

Pknic registers domain free of charge and only government entity can register following domains.
Reserved for provincial Government of Baluchistan
Reserved for provincial Government of Gilgit Baltistan
Reserved for provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Reserved for provincial Government of Punjab
Reserved for provincial Government of Sindh
Reserved for Government of Azad Kashmir
DomainPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.pkRs.25002 Rs.2500Rs.2500
.com.pkRs.25002 Rs.2500Rs.2500
.biz.pkRs.25002 Rs.2500Rs.2500
.edu.pkRs.25002 Rs.2500Rs.2500
.fam.pkRs.22002 Rs.2200Rs.2200
.net.pkRs.25002 Rs.2500Rs.2500
.org.pkRs.25002 Rs.2500Rs.2500
.web.pkRs.22002 Rs.2200Rs.2200

.PK Domain Registration FAQ’s

how to check the availability of .pk domains

Domain availability for registration can be checked for the .PK domains either on creativeON’s website either on the PKNIC website. You can use the Whois look tool on PKNIC website’s homepage to check the availability.

are .pk domain names editable after registration.

No, .pk domain names once registered can’t be edit or renamed. None of the domain registrars provide such facility.

what data is required to register .pk domains

Client’s Name, Email ID, Phone Number and Address is required to register .PK domain names. But in case of Governmental domain names and domain you are required to provide some documents. You can check the details on PKNIC Website.

time required for the propagation of .pk domains

Once the registration procedure is complete for the .PK domain you would need 24-48 hours until the domain is fully propagated online.

cost of .pk domains

All the .pk domains (except the governmental domain) are registered for two years minimum and cost for 1 domain is Rs. 2000/- for a local client and $48 for client registering outside of Pakistan.