All domain applications for .pk domain must agree to registration policy agreement available at PKNIC website. The there are conflicting terms between PKNIC base agreement and following terms, the following terms as listed on PKNIC website will apply.

  • The .pk domain name length should no exceeds 63 characters and 67 characters when .pk or suffix is added.
  • .pk domain name cannot start with a hyphen or dash “-“, and there cannot be two consecutive hyphen “–” within the name. Just like in gtlds these are reserved.
  • .pk Domain name can be dictionary words as long as they donot violate the PKNIC registration policy.
  • The domain name should not present in the list of blocked or /and reserved names.
  • You can registered .pk Domain names without assigning any name servers at all.

Second level .PK domains

  • The minimum length for .pk domain registration of 2nd level is 4 charters. i.e. or ( is not a valid domain and cannot be registered till now.)
  • The four charcter 2nd level .pk domain name must not start with PKNIC second level sub-domains (used in third level) i.e. com, net, org, biz, web, fam, info and the pknic sub domains used for government for example gov, gop, gpk, gos, gok, gog and gob.

Following domains are not valid.,

Following domains are valid.,,

Third level .COM.PK, etc domains

For third level .pk domain one can register domains as short as one character long.

The following are the reserved names and canot be registered.

Pk –, . com, net, org, biz, web, fam, info, gov, gop, gpk, gos, gok, gog and gob
i.e. all the PKNIC domain types are reserved and cannot be registered as domain names.