Reselling Hosting to Make Money provides the best reseller web hosting in pakistan Reselling web hosing can bring some quick money, but one should think twice before stepping in to it. As a hosting reseller you will face significant problems, and one major of these is technical support. As every reseller expect that they will be give fast, and profession technical support from your parent hosting company, while in almost all cases they are responsible to reply to technical support tickets of their clients.

lets take the following real life example where a client of a hosting reseller comes in trouble. There are three players “the end user” , the reseller and the parent hosting company. The hosting resellers role is of a middle man or hosting broker here. When a hosting reseller’s client (the end user) calls to complain about downtime, it is the hosting reseller reply, and bring the servers back online. But the hosting reseller have no control of the services in fact, and he must call the parent company. So parent company will resolve the issue, will inform the hosting reseller, and then the reseller will inform the client/ end user. If the parent company is not fast enough to respond, the reseller is of course in trouble here.

creativeON Hosting had reseller as the part of their business model since very beginning. Resellers are value able to us, because resellers concentrate their resources to sales and marketing and as a technology provider very focus on support. With the resellers our business model tends towards greater efficiency, because resellers are based in different far apart cities, and countries. For example a reseller host 30 domains with us, and operates from Peshawar, Pakistan. The reseller might receive 30 pashto (local language) speaking calls, where as the principle we only log a single complaint. As a parent hosting company we are not able to log 30 calls in a language that we do not understand, but with our reseller we do. Resellers are our backbone, that is the reason we provide them with priority support, we provide them with a complete white labeled solution. So that they keep their identity, We have taken steps in implementing our technical infrastructure, and the customer of our hosting resellers in Pakistan can never track back to us.