Comodo Positive SSL

Instantly issued SSL Certificate at an affordable price

Comodo Positive SSL certificate is the entry-level certificate. It is a perfect choice for business startups, bloggers, and freelancers. If you wish to increase customer trust into your website without spending a lot, this SSL certificate is for you. Positive SSL from Comodo will beat the price of any other not well-known and trusted brands, it is the best choice if you are tight on budget.

SrNameYearly2 Years3 Years
1 PositiveSSL Wildcard (DV)Rs.23700 Rs.47400 Rs.71100
2Comodo Code SigningRs.19700 Rs.39400 Rs.59100
3Comodo DV UCCRs.36000 Rs.72000 Rs.108000
4Comodo Elite SSL (OV)Rs.18700 Rs.37400 Rs.56100
5Comodo EV Code SigningRs.96500 Rs.193000 Rs.289500
6Comodo EV Multi-DomainRs.79800 Rs.159600 Rs.239400
7Comodo EV SSLRs.46450 Rs.92900 Rs.139350
8Comodo Multi-Domain SSL (OV)Rs.29700 Rs.59400 Rs.89100
9Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL (OV)Rs.112800 Rs.225600 Rs.338400
10Comodo Personal Authentication Enterprise CertificateRs.11600 Rs.23200 Rs.34800
11Comodo Personal Authentication Pro CertificateRs.8300 Rs.16600 Rs.24900
12Comodo SSL Certificate (DV)Rs.13000 Rs.26000 Rs.39000
13Comodo SSL Wildcard Certificate (DV)Rs.49700 Rs.99400 Rs.149100
14Comodo UCC (OV)Rs.29700 Rs.59400 Rs.89100
15Comodo UCC Wildcard (OV)Rs.112800 Rs.225600 Rs.338400
16DigiCert EV Multi-Domain SSLRs.137600 Rs.275200 Rs.412800
17DigiCert Extended Validation SSLRs.64900 Rs.129800 Rs.194700
18DigiCert Multi-Domain SSLRs.107000 Rs.214000 Rs.321000
19DigiCert Standard SSLRs.42900 Rs.85800 Rs.128700
20DigiCert Wildcard SSLRs.142800 Rs.285600 Rs.428400
21EnterpriseSSLRs.99800 Rs.199600 Rs.299400
22EnterpriseSSL ProRs.236800 Rs.473600 Rs.710400
23EnterpriseSSL Pro WildcardRs.433800 Rs.867600 Rs.1301400
24EnterpriseSSL Pro with EVRs.367000 Rs.734000 Rs.1101000
25EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV Multi-DomainRs.1335300 Rs.2670600 Rs.4005900
26EssentialSSL (DV)Rs.3900 Rs.7800 Rs.11700
27EssentialSSL Wildcard (DV)Rs.24700 Rs.49400 Rs.74100
28HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control CenterRs.25600 Rs.51200 Rs.76800
29HackerProof Trust Mark Rs.200400 Rs.400800 Rs.601200
30InstantSSL (OV)Rs.9600 Rs.19200 Rs.28800
31InstantSSL Premium (OV) Rs.16300 Rs.32600 Rs.48900
32InstantSSL Premium Wildcard (OV)Rs.40000 Rs.80000 Rs.120000
33InstantSSL Pro (OV) Rs.12350 Rs.24700 Rs.37050
34PCI Scanning Enterprise EditionRs.81800 Rs.163600 Rs.245400
35Personal Authentication CertificateRs.2900 Rs.5800 Rs.8700
36PositiveSSL (DV)Rs.2000 Rs.4000 Rs.6000
37PositiveSSL EVRs.25700 Rs.51400 Rs.77100
38PositiveSSL EV Multi-DomainRs.69400 Rs.138800 Rs.208200
39PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV)Rs.8000 Rs.16000 Rs.24000
40PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard (DV)Rs.66100 Rs.132200 Rs.198300
41Web InspectorRs.28300 Rs.56600 Rs.84900
42Web Inspector EnterpriseRs.151900 Rs.303800 Rs.455700
43Web Inspector PlusRs.49700 Rs.99400 Rs.149100
44Web Inspector PremiumRs.83400 Rs.166800 Rs.250200