What Our Clients Say About Us

We have many entertainment related sites running on the web. There are hundreds of thousands of visitors visiting daily with our previous host we been facing many many problems like( They were expensive, Support was lame, Mostly at holidays times when the traffic had to be on peek they always had downtime, their bandwidth was too low, etc. But after changing a lot of hosting providers we came across to Creative On they have low rates, Support is marvelous, No Down Time and we have space and bandwidth more than we use. Its really cool experience and now we are in profit as well.
CEO, WebDyn


We had no downtime and problems in the past year. The tech support is really quick and efficient. I found creativeON as unbeatable in providing servers and support.
Media Manager, Master paints


Its our 7th year with creativeON. We have either had no problems with them or when there were any issues they were addressed within minutes.
5 Star Foam, Al Khair Group


We are pleased to inform you that our Directorate of communication has decided to extend our contract of hosting with your organization because of a very good uptime and prompt, effective and personalized support.
President, Diabetes Foundation of Pakistan