• How to add Pages in WordPress

    WordPress is not used to run your blog only, but it can also be used to make website with pages and also post for blogs. In this tutorial we would see that how we can add pages to your WordPress website. Steps to Add pages in WordPress 1. Login to your WordPress website admin panel. […]

  • Adding Email Signatures in Webmail (Horde)

    Email signatures are the specified signature to attach with every sending mail. Email signatures could be just your name, email or any type of text or could be graphic based i.e you can put a your visiting card’s graphic photo or logo of your company. Adding email signatures in webmail(horde) is a easy and simple […]

  • How to Add Post and Categories in WordPress

    WordPress is a complete CMS (content management system) and it could be used both for creating sites with pages or could be used only to create a blog. Post and categories are the essential part of any blog and post is the part which is keep on change or updating. Post are added into different […]

  • Resetting the Password of WordPress

    How to Reset Password of WordPress site Resetting a password of WordPress admin panel is quite a easy job and its just a 2 click away from you. At the time of installing WordPress using softaculous Apps Installer provides the option to set a password but if you arleady have installed and want to change […]

  • Installing WordPress using Softaculous Apps Installer

    Installing WordPress Using Softaculous Apps Installer WordPress a CMS which is available as a open source website building application or tool. Website has been developed using PHP. WordPress is one of the most easiest and powerful website and blogging application or CMS (Content Management System). There hundreds of host which offer WordPress hosting. creativeON not […]

  • How to Create Email Forwarders in Cpanel

    Email Forwarders are created in cPanel to forward a copy of all mail from one email to another. Email forwarder actually redirect incoming message from one email to another address. When an email message is sent to your forwarded email address, our mail servers redirect the message to the email address you specify. Follow these […]

  • How to Create an auto-responders in cPanel.

    Creating an auto-responder in cPanel. In this tutorial i will elobrate how to create an auto-responders in cpanel. Auto-responder is usefull when someone want to send an auto reply like confirmation of mail receipt to those who sent you the mail. It also can be used when some one is on leave for quite a […]

  • How to create URL redirect in Cpanel

    How to create URL redirect in CPanel. URL redirection is a option used for redirecting traffic from one specific URL to another. For example traffic of www.wirewag.com could be redirected to www.creativeon.com/blog by using this URL redirection option. How to setup a Redirect in cPanel. 1. Login to cPanel 2. Scroll down to the domain […]

  • Remote MySQL Connection in cPanel

    By defualt remote MySQL connection are disabled at many hosting provider’s end due to security reasons. If you don’t have the option in your cpanel ask your hosting provider to enable. There are multiple programs available which are used to connect remotely to your DB. Dreamweaver is also used to connect your database remotely. Remote […]

  • How to change your cPanel password

    How to change your cPanel password Changing password of your cpPanel is quite a easy task and could be done just 1 or 2 clicks. Always make it sure that you set a alphanumeric password with special characters. Don’t keep one password for a very long period and keep on changing after some time. Do […]

  • Adding email account in Outlook 2010

    Adding email account in Outlook 2010 Outlook 2010 or any version of Microsoft outlook is a desktop application used to work as email client. How to setup Email account in Outlook 2010 1. Open the software and click on File menu. 2. Click the “Add Account” button 3. Check the radio button at bottom saying […]

  • How to backup your website in cpanel

    How to backup your website in cpanel In this article i will explain how we can make the backup of your website in cPanel. This article would teach you that how we can take the full backup of your website which would include all the files of the website and emails and also it would […]