Single Page Checkout vs MultiPage Checkout

Calling all web hosts,
When it comes to sales, we always want more. And If your hosting website is not currently using a one-page checkout process then you are losing sales.

The typical cart abandonment rate is as high as 68.53%. I found this information from the most impressive comparison of one page and multipage I could find online was from According to their analysis of cart abandonment stats from 31 research sources which includes sources like IBM.

Speed is crucial to the checkout process. You can do this by reducing the number of steps for customers to complete the transaction through one-page checkout.

one page checkout narrows the entire process down to one page instead of multiple. Multiple pages increase the likelihood for customers to get frustrated and leave.

In WHMCS there are 4 steps to complete order and on top of this customer is not able to view all the information regarding his order until he reaches the last step.

We are going to start using WHMCS Cart & Order Pages plugins (WCOP) from Along with standard cart, it also offers single page checkout.

In WCOP, WHMCS one page checkout, all entry fields are nicely displayed on one page where the user can see
1. Steps needed to complete the transaction.
2. Their entered information

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