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If you are looking for a cheap VPS hosting in Pakistan, you will find our VPS Pakistan and Europe plans better than any competitors in resources and quality. We have arranged our plans to be scalable and can be upgraded any time.

Buy a VPS in Pakistan as per your choice and let us host your website or app with the highest performance, greater flexibility, and complete control with root access to keep your website running fast and smooth at the lowest-priced hosting in Pakistan. We understand the importance of your data and take regular backups to provide you unbeatable VPS hosting experience.

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Technical Specifications

Whether you go for our Basic, Business, or Email server range, few features come with every one of them.

VPS Server Control

Get complete control of system resources, install your desired applications and forget about the software limitations.

Instant Provisioning

Forget about the delays and get your server within 30 minutes with a maximum time frame of 4 hours.

DDoS Protection

Our highest protection at the data center level keeps your VPS server safe and prevents attacks.

Faster Performance

Get the VPS of your choice with higher speed and optimum performance to fulfill your business needs.

OS of Your Choice

CentOS, Debian, Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora Core, OpenSUSE, and many more.

Backups and Snapshots

We are here to take care of data backups and snapshots to minimize the risk factors.

High-Performance Storage

Buy VPS in Pakistan now and get a faster experience with SSD storage.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We don’t sleep whatever the situation is and make sure the server is up and running.

Technical Support

We don’t sleep and are always available to keep your server up and running all the time.

Why Choose creativeON?

We help our clients grow up by providing secure and super-fast VPS servers per their changing business needs.

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Cheap Shared Hosting

If you are on a budget and looking for the lowest-priced Linux shared hosting in Pakistan or (Europe/USA), then you have landed on the right page. Buy shared hosting in Pakistan at market competitive prices with quality features and forget about the limitations. You can easily upgrade your plan as per your specific requirements.
creativeON: Media Houses, Govt And Corporate

Media Houses, Govt and Corporate

We are proudly offering our services to 1000s of top businesses, including large media houses (city 42, ARY, QTV), banks (MCB Islamic bank, SME, Telenor Microfinance), government departments, multinationals (Daewoo, Universal Insurance, Asia Insurance, NRSP Microfinance), different organizations and education sector.
Online Business Presence

Online Business Presence

Complete your business planning phase and step into the next stage by getting our services (Domain and Hosting) at a budget-friendly cost. Be competitive and make your website show off your business brand through colors, text, fonts, images, and videos. But all this starts with a domain and hosting solution, so start today.
creativeON: 20+ Years Experience

20+ Years Experience

creativeON is one of the oldest web hosting providers in Pakistan and has been managing servers since 2001. Whether you are a hosting provider, a business startup running an app on a server, a software house, a shopping store, or a corporate business, you will be equally benefited from our professional team’s knowledge and experience around o clock.
creativeON: Multi Terms Discount

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security are our top priority, and we will always support the rights of both consumers and individuals. We also support the mission to keep the internet open, free and safe for all users. Start your online presence with our lowest-priced web hosting plan, and we will keep it up so that you can focus on your other business activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPS Hosting or virtual private server is the name of a virtual server that appears as a dedicated server but uses virtualization technology and is installed on computer hardware having multiple websites. Unlike shared hosting, each user will get his own operating system and other software of his choice. If you are looking for VPS hosting in Pakistan, you’re landed on the right page; we are offering it from our Lahore-based data center.
In short, VPS is a recommended web hosting plan for those websites having many users or mid-level businesses. However, it also allows you to host multiple websites, blogs, databases, and many more with the freedom to install whatever software you need.
Yes, a bit of technical knowledge is required to properly manage your VPS server to fulfill your business needs. Basic level management services are free of cost, but if you need to perform additional tasks, you can get our paid services, and we will do whatever you want.
CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Windows, and many others as per your requirements.
A Virtual Private Server is useful for mid-level businesses, startups, or individuals having websites/blogs or applications with good traffic. However, if you face any issues with a shared hosting plan, you can also upgrade your hosting plan to a suitable VPS plan.
The process is straightforward, you just need to tell us your custom VPS requirements by calling us at 03 111 111 444, making a call back request, or clicking on the live chat button to us, and we will provide your customized VPS server in Pakistan.
We mostly deliver the server within 6-8 hours, but it can take up to 24 hours; nevertheless, if you go with custom servers, then you can be delayed.
Absolutely Yes, you can upgrade your shared hosting plan to a Virtual Private Server at any time, and we will help you migrate your data from shared hosting to your new VPS hosting. Upgrade and downgrade are super easy without any additional charges.
By default, all packages come with free server re-installation, reboots, and settings, but you have to pay for it if you need to perform the additional tasks.
Yes, we provide dedicated servers, VPS, and Shared hosting plans from our Lahore, Pakistan-based data center. So, you can host your gaming servers or the cheapest VPS with low latency of less than 30ms for users within Pakistan. However, we are confident about the optimum quality results and features of our best servers with the lowest server price in Pakistan.
A dedicated server means renting a physical server machine like you get a house. VPS means sharing server hardware using virtualization technology but getting a separate server with its root access like you to get a townhome.
The choice is yours; you can pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.
You can access your VPS hosting machine via SSH (for Linux) and RDP (for windows) with its root access or full control.
Of course, we do provide a FREE SSL certificate to build your trust with Google.

VPS Hosting in Pakistan

Fast, Reliable, and Secure VPS Servers

creativeON is one of the leading web hosting providers in Pakistan and proudly hosting corporate businesses, government departments, educational institutes, well-renowned media channels, and multinational companies. Do you think why all these well-established firms have trust in us?

Because we deliver Virtual Private Servers and managed dedicated servers with a higher level of security, reliability, uptime, instant provisioning, a wide range of operating system options, and many more.If you are a non-tech person and need a Windows or Linux VPS server that comes with flexible configurations. In that case, you can get our fully managed VPS hosting and transfer your responsibility to us.