Best WordPress Hosting Experience

Designed with new users in mind, we provide everything needed to run a website on WordPress. Enjoy automatic WordPress installation, automated updates, and expert support for all your WordPress issues in these surprising budget prices. Trust Pakistan’s best WordPress Hosting services.

With 1000s of satisfied and happy clients, creativeON delivers one of the best WordPress hosting services in Pakistan since 2001. However, if you need more power soon, you can easily upgrade your plan to our VPS Hosting In Pakistan and get control and freedom on the server to install the OS and other desired software.

Best WordPress Hosting Experience

Best WordPress Hosting Experience

why you need managed wordpress hosting

Why spend hours to manage your WordPress installations, taking backup and configuring plugins with classing hosting. Focus on your blog posts and let us handle the technicalities. Our Managed WP Hosting takes care of all things for you, starting from first installation to Speed optimizations and backup your blog on daily basis. What makes us best Pakistani WP host provider?

Why You Need Managed WordPress Hosting
Best Wp Hosting Solution For Websites

best wp hosting solution for websites

We have the best WordPress Hosting solution for WP websites. Have you done with your shared hosting provider? Has your hosting touched the rescue limits? Are you yawning while your website loads?

If your answer to any of the above is in yes, then we have a solution for you; the WP Host

so what the heck managed wordpress hosting is?

The WP Hosting is the specialty product built feature for hosting WordPress websites. With Managed WP Host you get implausible features of enhance security, automatic updates, great uptime, flashing speed, daily backups and above all the premium support.

When the web world is enjoying the ease of WordPress Hosting with 15,900,000 websites, and ever increasing. Why don’t you become the next to share a completely hassle free experience of webhosting? Run your website as a completely self-hosted entity. The world is turning its face to WordPress due to its vast popularity check out our WordPress Training Course. The web hosting providers are taking it as a specialty.

WP Hosting is shared hosting or it is not? It actually differs from shared hosting in service quality, speed, support, and performance. Switching to WP Hosting does not cost you much and it starts as low as $2.77/mo. What else you could desire if you get a quality website host which is able to handle the larger volumes of traffic on your website, and at the same time ensures the top-notch performance of your website, keeps your website continuously up with the least uptime and provides you the guaranteed un-matching expert support.

The Heck Managed WordPress Hosting

Technical Specifications

DDoS Protection

Our highest protection at the data center level keeps your WordPress hosting server safe and prevents attacks.

Fast and High Core CPUs

We fulfill your business needs with high core CPU, RAM, Disk IO limits and other performance features.

Free Data Backups

We minimize your risk factor by taking backups regularly and restoring them to keep your website up and running.

Storage Performance

Buy managed WordPress hosting plans and enjoy lightning-fast speed and performance with our SSD storage.

WooCommerce Hosting

Build your online shopping store with our best WooCommerce hosting (WordPress plans) and quickly step into the digital world.

Highly Secure FTP Access

We provide FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to upload website files while efficiently ensuring all data is safe.

Free WordPress Transfer

If you’re stuck with a lousy host, then call us; we will rescue and migrate your website to our fastest WordPress hosting for free.

Automated Backups

creativeON makes the website backup easy — we create automatic backups of your WordPress website regularly.

cPanel Control Panel

Get an easy-to-use and advanced control panel and create new email accounts, forward domains, add users, and many more.

One-click installation

Get our best WordPress hosting in Pakistan and Install WordPress with a single click to make your WordPress instances in seconds.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We make sure that the server is up and running and delivering blazing-fast speed and performance at all times.

Technical Support

We provide technical support with our cheap WordPress hosting service to keep your website online 24/7/365.

Why Choose WordPress Hosting From creativeON?

Thousands of businesses trust creativeON for their web and email hosting needs; here are a few of the reasons:

creativeON: Cheap Dedicated Server

Cheap Shared Hosting

If you are on a budget and looking for the lowest-priced Linux shared hosting in Pakistan or (Europe/USA), then you have landed on the right page. Buy shared hosting in Pakistan at market competitive prices with quality features and forget about the limitations. You can easily upgrade your plan as per your specific requirements.
creativeON: Media Houses, Govt And Corporate

Media Houses, Govt and Corporate

We are proudly offering our services to 1000s of top businesses, including large media houses (city 42, ARY, QTV), banks (MCB Islamic bank, SME, Telenor Microfinance), government departments, multinationals (Daewoo, Universal Insurance, Asia Insurance, NRSP Microfinance), different organizations and education sector.
Online Business Presence

Online Business Presence

Complete your business planning phase and step into the next stage by getting our services (Domain and Hosting) at a budget-friendly cost. Be competitive and make your website show off your business brand through colors, text, fonts, images, and videos. But all this starts with a domain and hosting solution, so start today.
creativeON: 20+ Years Experience

20+ Years Experience

creativeON is one of the oldest web hosting providers in Pakistan and has been managing servers since 2001. Whether you are a hosting provider, a business startup running an app on a server, a software house, a shopping store, or a corporate business, you will be equally benefited from our professional team’s knowledge and experience around o clock.
creativeON: Multi Terms Discount

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security are our top priority, and we will always support the rights of both consumers and individuals. We also support the mission to keep the internet open, free and safe for all users. Start your online presence with our lowest-priced web hosting plan, and we will keep it up so that you can focus on your other business activities.

WordPress Hosting in Pakistan

creativeON delivers the WordPress hosting in Pakistan especially designed for those willing to run their blog, portfolio, small business or corporate business websites without hiring any developer. WordPress is an open-source and widely used CMS (Content Management System), so our team crafted the best WordPress hosting plans and configured the servers accordingly.

If you are looking for one of the cheap WordPress hosting plans, you can choose one of the required plans that includes data backups, high-end security with an SSL certificate, and many other amazing features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress Hosting?

As the name indicates, WordPress Hosting is a web hosting plan with pre-configured options to host a WordPress website more effectively. Compared to the other Linux shared hosting plans, it is secure, simplified, and speeds up your website build on a WordPress content management system.

What is the difference between Free hosting and WordPress hosting?

Free web hosting has many disadvantages as it will show promotional ads on your website, provide you a long-form URL like, limited resources, and many other restrictions. So, a paid but lowest-priced WordPress hosting in Pakistan by creativeON is the perfect solution for you if you’re going to build your website with this CMS.

Is it hard to upgrade to a WordPress Hosting plan?

Suppose you’re already using creativeON web hosting. In that case, you can easily upgrade your plan to Business website hosting by logging into our Client Area or communicating with our support team via telephone, email, ticket, or live chat.

What are the significant benefits of using WordPress Hosting?

creativeON’s WordPress hosting has improved performance because each aspect is optimized for WordPress. We ensure that your server is configured correctly with unique security WordPress configurations instead of only basic security protocols.

How long does it take to get my WordPress Hosting Service?

We are always online so that you can tell us at 03 111 111 444, make a call back request, open a ticket, or click on the live chat button, and we will provide you the best support ever.

What to do if I need your help?

Our technical staff delivers the WordPress hosting account information within a couple of minutes, but it can take up to 2 hours; nevertheless, you can be delayed if you have any special requirements.

How to optimize and speed up my website?

Try to use a theme optimized for speed, choose faster plugins, keep your CMS updated, optimize background process, don’t upload heavy audio/video files directly to WordPress, and don’t forget to install a Caching plugin. Try to use Cloudflare, optimized images, and Google fonts to speed up your website.

Do I need to learn programming to use WordPress?

No, you don’t need to learn any programming languages if you are ready to build your website using WordPress CMS (Content Management System).

How can I change the password in cPanel?

If you don’t remember the password, contact us via your favorite channel, and we will reset it for you; otherwise, you can do it by yourself by clicking on the Preferences option from the cPanel home and choose the password and security option and change your password. However, if you have enabled the password reset settings, then reset it using email.

How to redirect an old website to the new one using WordPress?

If you don’t have much technical knowledge and run a WordPress website, you can easily make redirections using a WordPress plugin. But if you are a tech person, find the .htaccess file, back up it, and add the 301 redirection code.

Can you help me with data migration to your server?

Buy a web hosting plan from us, and we will migrate your website files without any charges. But if you are willing to do it by yourself, you can do it by yourself with our guidance and support. Go to the manage website icon and click on the file manager. It is advised to use the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for transferring or exchanging website files.

If I choose Annual payment, do I have to pay a lump sum amount on an annual basis?

Yes, you will pay a lump sum total amount of one year if you go with our annual payment option.

Would you please guide me? Can I change my billing cycle at any time?

Of Course, you need to update us via ticket, live chat, or call to change your billing cycle and get your billing amount credited to your account for the new charge.

Do you have multiple locations for WordPress hosting in Pakistan?

We provide dedicated servers, VPS, and WordPress Hosting in Pakistan from our Europe/USA-based data centers. So, if you need a server from Pakistan, we will provide it to you from our Pakistan-based data center to host your gaming servers with low latency of less than 30ms for users within Pakistan.

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