WordPress Hosting

Designed with new users in mind, we provide everything needed to run a website on WordPress. Enjoy automatic WordPress installation, automated updates, and expert support for all your WordPress issues in these surprising budget prices. Trust Pakistan’s best WordPress Hosting services.

WordPress Starter

SAVE Rs.1064 WAS Rs.6384
Rs.5320 /yr
  • Diskspace : Unlimited (SSD)
  • No. of websites : 1
  • No. of databases : 2
  • Data Transfer : 50 GB
  • Email accounts : 8
  • Free SSL : YES
  • Free Domain : Yes (.com)

WordPress Professional

SAVE Rs.1596 WAS Rs.9576
Rs.7980 /yr
  • Diskspace : Unlimited (SSD)
  • No. of websites : 4
  • No. of databases : 4
  • Data Transfer : 80 Gb
  • Email accounts : 15
  • Free SSL : YES
  • Free Domain : Yes (.com)

WordPress Business

SAVE Rs.2060 WAS Rs.12360
Rs.10300 /yr
  • Diskspace : Unlimited (SSD)
  • No. of websites : 8
  • No. of databases : 8
  • Data Transfer : 120 GB
  • Email accounts : 20
  • Free SSL : YES
  • Free Domain : Yes (.com)

why you need managed wordpress hosting

Why spend hours to manage your WordPress installations, taking backup and configuring plugins with classing hosting. Focus on your blog posts and let us handle the technicalities. Our Managed WP Hosting takes care of all things for you, starting from first installation to Speed optimizations and backup your blog on daily basis. What makes us best Pakistani WP host provider?

best wp hosting solution for websites

We have the best WordPress Hosting solution for WP websites. Have you done with your shared hosting provider? Has your hosting touched the rescue limits? Are you yawning while your website loads?

If your answer to any of the above is in yes, then we have a solution for you; the WP Host

so what the heck managed wordpress hosting is?

The WP Hosting is the specialty product built feature for hosting WordPress websites. With Managed WP Host you get implausible features of enhance security, automatic updates, great uptime, flashing speed, daily backups and above all the premium support.

When the web world is enjoying the ease of WordPress Hosting with 15,900,000 websites, and ever increasing. Why don’t you become the next to share a completely hassle free experience of webhosting? Run your website as a completely self-hosted entity. The world is turning its face to WordPress due to its vast popularity check out our WordPress Training Course. The web hosting providers are taking it as a specialty.

WP Hosting is shared hosting or it is not? It actually differs from shared hosting in service quality, speed, support, and performance. Switching to WP Hosting does not cost you much and it starts as low as $2.77/mo. What else you could desire if you get a quality website host which is able to handle the larger volumes of traffic on your website, and at the same time ensures the top-notch performance of your website, keeps your website continuously up with the least uptime and provides you the guaranteed un-matching expert support.

benefits of having a managed wordpress hosting

enhanced security

WP being an open source web application, is prone to hacks and intrusions. All our best WordPress hosting plans come with our smart security measures which will not put limits on you to enjoy your WordPress environment.

100% uptime monitoring

We have tools to verify your WP blog response time and WP home page load time after every 100 seconds. This makes sure your WordPress Blog is up running at 100% performance.

websites optimization

Our team with decades of experience in shared hosting environment have gone a step further in speed optimizing our Shared WordPress Host offering. We support all the famous WordPress Caching plugin along with the in-house optimization guidelines that we implement on all the WordPress Blogs hosted on your WP Servers. Both techniques combined gives you a dedicated WP Host experience despite being on Shared WP Hosting Server.

wordpress Updates

We periodically check all WordPress Blogs hosted by us for WP versions. Should there be a necessary update, we will auto apply it. After applying the update on your WP we also make sure that your WordPress Blog is working as it should. This offering is a plus on top of automatic updates through WordPress’ built-in functionality.
This will helps you to secure your hosting from hacking, MySQL injections, and malware attacks.


Frequent backups of your entire WordPress hosting space make your more comfort on our servers designed to host WordPress only. In case of any data lost or disaster those backup system helps you bring back your WP blog in no time.

install popular applications in seconds

WordPress Hosting assists you to install popular applications in seconds.

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